di. 10.08.2021  14:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Connect2Discover@VDMA: Presentation of the Department of Technical, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability and insight into the topic of product safety and the Machinery Directive

Another part of our new digital event series "Connect2Discover@VDMA". Join us and learn more about the importance of product safety and the Machinery Directive for your business. Also learn what our Department for Technical, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability can DO for you.

Product safety is of great economic importance, because ultimately it is about the manufacturer's ability to deliver and to meet customer requirements. The regulations on product safety are public law addressed to the manufacturer in order to regulate the marketing of products such as machinery and plants. Therefore, neither the customer nor the manufacturer can evade these legal foundations.

The Machinery Directive is one of these legal regulations and it is crucial for the safety of machinery and plants. There are many situations in practice that can cause massive problems for the manufacturer and call sales projects into question if safety and legal issues are not clearly clarified. Learn how to set up the company well and how to coordinate internal processes and interfaces to the customer in accordance with the law. Avoid economic disadvantages, delivery problems and loss of reputation

Your VDMA  Department Technical, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability will be happy to support you in being well versed in these important legal aspects. Also take advantage of our expertise on legal interpretations, which we can offer you due to our activities in governmental bodies.

With our digital event series Connect2Discover@VDMA we offer you a regular insight into our wide range of services and show you how you can use your association for your added value - every 2nd Tuesday of the month, always at 2 o'clock, 2 lectures of about 30 min each - entertaining, compact, competent - click here for the overview.

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