OPC UA air pollution control working group

Air Pollution Control
The Air Pollution Control Division began development of a Companion Specification for "Process Air Extraction and Filtration Systems" in July 2019. The aim is to develop a standardized interface for the exchange of data between process air extraction and filtration systems among themselves, to upstream machines, to supporting systems or into higher-level manufacturing systems in a manufacturer- and platform-independent communication network.
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surface technology working group

VDMA OPC Surface Technology Initiative
The aim of the initiative is to standardize machine-machine communication for surface technology in order to reduce the integration effort for machines, installations and devices in surface technology.
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OPC UA news

In 12 web seminars, experts from various branches of the mechanical and plant engineering industry presented their respective OPC UA standards in the period from June 30 to August 7, 2020. About 3,800 registered participants informed themselves in the 60-minute sessions about the approaches and contents of the OPC UA Companion Specifications for our industry.
Christine Montigny
Christine Montigny
Technical Manager of sector department Air Pollution Control
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+49 (69) 6603 2860
Dr. Martin Riester
Dr. Martin Riester
Technical manager of sector department Surface Technology
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(+49 69) 66 03-22 90